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What is Hiring Box

About Us:


Since launching in 2010 HiringBox has been recognized as the most innovative, groundbreaking and forward-looking “solution to help people find jobs” available in the market.  We have been able to do so by using state of the art hardware and software technology, satellite connection capabilities and the most advanced Self Service Kiosks designed for immediate, uncomplicated human interaction.

HiringBox is the result of the job market’s need for a Fast, Easily Accessible and Free solution to find jobs, but for the first time, we have managed to successfully solve an obvious problem everyone else seemed to ignore, “too much information kills information”.


Since our start, HiringBox has been driven by the ideal of keeping things simple, and by doing so we started to be known as “Your Best Connection”.

The way in which HiringBox works is by providing the user (prospective employees), direct, real time and useful information about the different available positions, and contact information of the employers that are looking to fill those openings.  We do not believe in endless email forwarding, contact via third parties, or any other excuse that the other “Job Search Engines” have found, to crowd their databases with thousands of useless job postings that lead to a road block.

Immediately after starting to use HiringBox you will notice that in less than a minute and just after four touches of a screen you will have in your hands an address, phone number or direct email of the person that is looking for someone like you.

What is all the buzz about?

For the first time, to have accessible, real time and free access to an incredibly extended job database you do not need a to have internet access, a printer or to buy newspapers, in fact, you don’t even need a computer!. HiringBox is a state of the art Free Self Service Kiosk that is located in over 120 locations through the Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, strategically selected for you to always have a HiringBox near you.

The kiosk will guide you through four easy steps, 1) Selecting the region of your interest -> 2) The category of job you are interested in -> 3) It will show you the jobs available -> 4) Finally it will allow you, (if you choose to do so) to print the information about the job and how to contact the employer.

We will not ask you for any information, definitely will not require that you upload anything, we won’t ask you to fill endless forms and applications; we won’t even ask you for your email.   The information is there for you to use and there is no other intention, though we cannot say the same about other “Job Search Engines”.

And that’s it, as simple as that!

Our social Commitment...

Unlike most companies that recognize and support the communities in which they are present as part of their day to day business, our entire day to day business operations are based on the principle of helping the communities that surround us, wherever we may be.

HiringBox’s Full Commitment to the communities of which we are part of, is our most important driver, “Helping People Find a Job" is not only our mission, but it is the reason for us to be here, and in our attempt to do so, we have found unconditional and admirable support from local and national Non for Profit Organizations, NGO’s and Government Related Agencies.

We currently work together and are proud partners of Feeding South Florida, Harding Village, Carrfour Supportive Housing, Camillus House, Community Partnership for the Homeless, Fellowship House and Unidad of Miami Beach, amongst dozens of other highly recognized organizations for their unconditional support to the community.

What the future holds…

South Florida is where HiringBox finds its home, our Headquarters are located in Doral, FL. but our growth is limitless, and this is just the beginning. In the very near future HiringBox will initiate its expansion plan to different cities and states, with the objective of “Helping everyone in America Find a Job”.


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“Your Best Connection”