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Job Posting Guide
Using our patented high traffic local kiosk system for hiring candidates is very different than using typical employment websites and much more cost-effective at only $(Contact Us) per posting. This guide is designed to help you write more effective job postings and have more qualified applicants applying to your positions. More...
By taking a little time to create a detailed and informative posting, you will see a much greater amount of qualified applicants in your inbox. Use this guide for effective Hiring Box job postings. Using these techniques will give you a much higher response rate. Job postings that are targeted, descriptive and attention grabbing will help you receive better response from your recruiting efforts. The following is a list of import topics that you should know so you can write effective Job Postings.

Job Posting Titles
This is easily one of the most important sections of your ad. Why? The title is the first thing a job seeker will see. It must stand out and grab their attention.

Company Information In Job Descriptions
Provide detailed insight on your organization.

Job Descriptions
Candidates want to know what they will be actually doing in this position. Provide a comprehensive description of the position.

Requirements or Qualifications For Your Jobs
Outline skills required for this position. Differentiate between the actual required qualifications and the \"it would be beneficial if you had these\" skills.

How To Apply To Your Job Openings
A job posting is not a job posting without this section. Choose the ways you want to receive the infortamation of your future employee...
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